Sorry, that I’m leaving your Blog!

Setting up a blog requires much effort. Whether it’s design or content you want featured, particular attention shall pay to each of these aspects that make up a blog. But how does it feel when a visitor, as soon as they land on your blog, says something as horrible as this – “sorry, I assume your blog.”. It certainly means that your blog is not designed to make happy customers.

Unless visitors want to stay on your blog and interact (and specific measures), you are in big trouble. If you want to establish a business of blogging and making money from it, you should always take care of your blog visitors, so they return again and again.

Visitors may leave your blog for various reasons. Some of the reasons may be common while others can be quite surprising.

Let’s take a look at these five reasons-

I can not wait
It is as if you have sent an invitation to a visitor. But when they arrive and knock on your door, there is nobody to answer. They are there waiting. Finally, after waiting for a while, they return. Several times, never to return!

The same thing can happen with your blog as well. This is an age where people want the information in a blink of eye. If your blog loads slowly, you can be sure to push visitors away.

So, are you going to make your blog visitors wait?

I do not know where to go
Another great reason that requires visitors to leave a blog is that poorly designed the navigation structure. If the visitor is on your blog, they must be looking for something. Therefore, it is your duty to help them reach the piece of information, they came looking for.

A well-designed navigation is-


Make sure your blog has a good navigation structure.

Interconnection system is irrelevant
Interconnection of posts on a blog is a good SEO practice. It is a good practice because it helps the reader to delve more deeply into a specific topic. But customers do not like it when they find irrelevant interconnection. During playback of a particular subject, they click an internal link further explore. But they become unhappy if these links lead to irrelevant pages or topics.

Person sharing your Blog posts
There are several signs that show that a blog is really alive and if it has interactive visitors. One of them is the social signals. Visitors to the blog of today are smart enough to evaluate the quality of a post, even without reading. Usually, top quality blog posts get a lot of social sharing too.

If your blog posts are little or not sharing, it reflects very poorly on the reputation of your blog. Visitors think that you messages are annoying, so nobody is sharing. And they leave quickly.

You have too much sponsored tickets
Publication sponsored tickets or product reviews is a good idea to earn some money from your blog. But there should be a limit. If 3 out of every 5 posts on your blog are sponsored, your credibility is at stake. Too many tickets sponsored edition sends a clear signal that you care with your own content with added value on the blog.

Visitors to your blog think that money is on your mind. Since you will not care, they do not want to drag either.

Please share your views and opinions.

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