Best WordPress Admin design

Design of WordPress admin dashboard looks ugly for savvy wordpress users.

Lot of plugins has been created to improve the appearance of the design, but not all of them are great.

3 Weeks, I posted a message on the top of page 5 plugins to improve your WordPress Admin Page.

The post has a lot of tastes and tweets, that made me do more research on this topic.

I found a lot of plugins. Some of them were bad, some were good and some of them were great.

But it has only a single plugin that makes me love using wordpress.

It’s fantastic. I’m sure that you’ll love.

Continue reading to know this plugin.

The plugin that I use today to make my WordPress Admin Dashboard looks pretty cool is MP6.

It is created by the WP team, which means that it is of high quality.

Here is a screenshot of the plugin:

Here are some iterations that Matt did for the plugin:

A Visual processing for the toolbar and menu bar that visually unifies the two and reduces clutter.Flatter visual style, with square corners, tables and unification of elements such as .postbox.An increase in saturation of traditional blue WP (old vs new comparison: splash of color to indicate the current menu item.Removed orange steady state burned for a lighter blue.Single-color icons are now broadcast via a font icon, which makes them load instantly, look for crisp at any zoom factor.Consistent typography for all operating systems including the web police without opening. (Aware of embedded complications this may cause.)Added the padding between the links in the menu to navigationLightened easier to touch the bottom of page using white backgrounds for the grouping of the elements and a gray background for the body.Removed the header icons large for a cleaner look at the top of the page.

If you want to get it, go here and get free.

A few days ago a new plugin is released for a lighter version of the dashboard.

Here is a screenshot of the new version:

If you want to have the light version, you have the main plugin and then download the plugin lightweight MP6 after that.

You must have two of them. Just install the second plugin, and everything will be great.

This plugins is an amazing plugin that I still used until today. I recommend everyone to check it out.

The design of WP is boring. This new design encourages me to take more and write more content.

If you like the old design, then stick with it. If are bored with him, get you this plugin, try it and see the difference.

You could get the plugin MP6 here, if you want to use. If you prefer the lighting design, then install this plugin once first.

Tell me what you think in the comments. Hope to hear from you all.

View the original article here

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