5. Another clean WordPress Admin Dashboard themes

Many people are infatuated with the idea of colorization of their ugly WordPress Admin Dashboard.

I posted a message that includes 5 amazing plugins to improve your WP admin dashboard and it was one of the popular post on Blogging tips. Last week, I posted another post about the best plugin to improve your WP admin dashboard and I loved trying and there a lot of actions and comments.

This week, I came up with another great 5 own WP plugins to make your own dashboard appearance.

Plugins are really very well, based on most of them me as well as the recommendations of the other train.

I’m sure you’ll love at least 2 of these plugins. Then, continue to read learn more about these plugins.

This plugin enables the use of Bootstrap all styles and buttons. Twitter Bootstrap fans will love this plugin.

It is a clean and pretty impressive plugin.

Admin bootstrap is a free plug-in that you can download from the WordPress plugin directory.

Here is an example of one of the sites that uses the plugin Twitter Bootstrap.

EZ WordPress plugin dashboard is another great plugin. It includes a base of light and dark colour schemes.

You could also choose your own accent colors for your WordPress admin dashboard using this plugin.

If you want to get WP EZ plugin, go download the Plugin from Dashboard WordPress EZ from Code Canyon.

Plugin WP Admin fast is one of the best WP plugins that I had never tried. You could new your dashboard WordPress Admin easily with your own logo, custom welcome panel and more.

You have many options that you can use in this plugin.

You could go and get the plugin WP Admin for quick on their homepage. I really recommend.

Press of the retina is another plugin that make your better than the old ugly WordPress Admin Dashboard. This is a plugin which uses a modern design to your Admin Dashboard page style.

The plugin has a custom beautiful login page which is well designed and the menus accordion jQuery for smooth scrolling.

Check the Plugin today on Code Canyon and download it to have a well-designed dashboard WP admin page.

I have not tried this plugin personally, but I see the feedback of others, it of a great plugin and worth it.

The plugin was actually designed for designers and developers who spend all day in WordPress to maintain their productivity.

What I really like this topic is its flat design. Really simple yet effective design.

It has a scene of light and darkness.

I think you might like to check the DP plugin dashboard.

Another great WP admin dashboard plugins roundup you might choose one of them today and change your old look of your WP admin page ugly.

I do not think that I will post more on this topic in the coming weeks, but if I found great plugins, I will of course share with you.

Have you tried one of these plugins?

Do you think that other plugins that you would recommend?

Share your answers in the comments below.

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