Work At Home to Make Money– Part 3

Make Money Online With Automated Blogs

It has come to pass now people are able to make money online with blogs as you can see everyday this has become “thee” juggernaut of making money with your home computer or laptop. This can be achievable by researching on a good topic to talk about regularly on your blog then posting articles, and content centered about that subject. Afterwords, you can generate or monetize on that particular blog, and bring in a pretty decent income on a monthly basis.

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Creating a full time income blogging has been really achievable to most people online. It has even been responsible for helping people quit there 9-5 jobs, and become full time bloggers by quantifying one blog at a time. Some online entrepreneurs don’t make that much on just one blog so all they do is create more niche blogs to build on different subjects to triple or quadruple there profits. It becomes hard for an individual blogger to generate income from just one blog so they tend to monetize on there efforts.

I’ll give some great examples how you could achieve your goals with building blogs. All you gotta do is create a free blog of your liking then create content for it. Regular individuals like you can make a nice monthly income from that one little blog in which $500 dollars is possible, but if you decided that you would like to publish teen more just like it then that could possibly be about $5,000 dollars right there. The good thing about it is there is no limit how much you could make by washing, rinsing, and doing it again.

That is how ordinary individuals that are no different than you and me are generating some awesome extraordinary profits online by creating blogs that surrounds multiple genres just like this one. Create as many blogs as you can to automate the existing income that you have right now. Have a mindset about blogging, think of it as a full blown business rather than a regular off and on hobby. Unfortunately this can be a struggle for you if you have very few blogs generating a couple dollars every other day so it would be best create the amount you can handle for yourself and gradually create an desired income, however, this can be a problem for you let explain why.

Think about it, if you created 100 blogs they would all still need to be updated so how would could you keep them updated on a daily regular basis. Soon you will find yourself swamped with work so it should be notified that you need a plan. The plan is if you don’t want to publish articles on your 100+ blog network then it’s time for you to do some hiring in particular for writers to post content for you. This idea to hire available writers is highly clever. If you can hire about 30 writers per 3 blogs assigned to each then that would be magnificent, and a great benefit for your business.

Actually, finding people to write articles for you is pretty easy. They are all around you, but you just don’t know it yet. look at your fellow bloggers that write post for themselves daily. I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t mind writing post for you for a couple bucks once in a while. Just as I said before in my earlier post you could go on Google and use there search engine to find online writers by using the keywords, “hire online writers”, or be more descriptive in your choice of keywords to get a precise result you surely would be more surprise in what Google can find for you.

Try out the many bidding websites spread throughout the net because they are out there waiting for your business all the time. Are you worried about how you are going to pay them? If I were you I would save up a couple hundred dollars to spend on hiring these writers. Other than that your network of blogs should be able to pay for themselves if you are generating income from Google Adsense on every post that is published by the writers. This alone has equal probability of paying for the articles published by the writers, and bringing in a nice income for you too.

I figure $2-3 dollars per article isn’t bad at all due to the networks that allows writers to make money for publishing articles on there network for pennies. Not only are you helping yourself out you are creating a little income for someone else who is looking to make a few bucks online also. For those who work at home and make money online with automated blogs is a dream come true for many that follows the steps from what I have been explaining to you so far, it can be done.

What is most important when creating a blog is to be inclined to rule yourself on how you critique every blog that you create. The outlook of each blog should look most professional enough to be recognized to the general public always. Establish each blog precisely in a manner that you would as if it’s your main blog that you are working on. Remember, writers won’t delay writing delusional articles on poorly created blogs so take pride in the business of automating blogs because making money online with blogs is real.

Learn, and research up on may different keywords that draws the most attention, and online search traffic to your blogs. I suggest trying out long tail keywords to bypass competition for a while so you can start generating a suitable income for yourself and writers. If you can try and visit every blog so that you can stay on top how well each niche you have entered into for each blog created then that would be wonderful. Manage each blog constantly and correctly until it meets your requirements passing satisfactory.

Some people create a simple blog for just a hobby to get away from the ordinary daily life, and in time monetize on that blog by placing Google Adsense on it. If you take the whole process of establishing blogs in a different manner correctly by looking at is as a true business, no different than any other biz then you could replace your day job becoming that high-end entrepreneur you had imagined being one day running a network of successful blogs.

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  1. Thanks for the post. This is motivates people in pursuing online entrepreneurship. There are a lot of ways to earn money online and I believe Blogging is one of the best way to be successful.


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