Information on Broadband Internet

an old german ADSL splitter, POTS/ISDN switchable

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Broadband Internet usually refers to Internet connections that provide higher data rates than those available over an analog telephone connection.
A broadband Internet connection (often known as an xDSL connection) can be:

  • ADSL broadband
  • cable broadband
  • VDSL broadband.
  • HDSL broadband
  • ISDN broadband
  • SDSL broadband
  • satellite broadband

The data rate (or speed) of practice broadband Internet access systems is limited partly by the fundamental characteristics of the channel (such as bandwidth and noise), and partly by design limitations of the modulation and channel coding systems used.

An important advantage of all broadband Intenet technologies is that they are “always on”. In other words, there is no need to dial-up to the Internet, and usually no charge for time connected. Charges are usually only made for data transferred. Connecting to the internet does not tie up the phone lline.

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