404 Page!

What is 404 Error??

For a normal web page, the status is 200 OK. You don’t see this because the server proceeds to send you the contents of the page. It’s only when you encounter an error that you see the actual status code, such as 404 Not Found.

For those, who don’t know what is 404 Error? And how does it occur? Then please follow the link below for detailed introduction.

404 is an HTTP status code. Every time you visit a web page, your computer (the ‘client’) is requesting data from a server using HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Before the web page is even displayed in your browser, the web server has sent the HTTP header, which contains the status code. Not surprisingly, your browser has sent the server its own headers, which contain a lot more information about you than you think!

Why You Need a Custom 404 Page!

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Custom 404 Page which goes something like this.

  • To keep users engaged: A 404 page is typically for the readers or customers who is trying to look something in your site or blog. A custom 404 page nicely designed to navigate back to the previous page or showing related stuffs will please the users and may make them to come back to your site. This builds up your readership and keeps the user engaged and they stay more on your site or blog.
  • To avoid losing trust: It is always possible that people end up with 404 error when page has be moved or removed or with broken links. I have seen lot of sites which doesn’t have a custom 404 page at all. Not all the users may understand the error and it will make the users to confuse. The users might consider it as a failure and they will lose trust on your site. A nice extensive custom 404 page will make them understand the problem easier.
  • For a better design: A blog or site without custom 404 page is poorly designed and will have its implications. So it is a best practice for any site or blog to include a custom 404 error message without any arguments. Read how to design a good 404 page.

Creative 404 Error Pages

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