HOW TO: Stop the Facebook Group Chat

While the all new Groups feature of Facebook, aiming to give users more control with whom they share stuff, has become talk of the town with people raving about the group chat , concerns has been raised that these group chats might at times get a little pesky! Say if some of your friends in a group are online and having a chat but you are not willing to join the conversation right then, it can be quite irritating for you as the chats will keep coming in and those red coloured digits signifying the many lines of text sent will glare at you like anything!

In moments like this, while you are Facebooking but not really in a mood to get involved in a conversation, you may wonder how to turn off the chats from coming in! It does make sense to stop the group chat at times, albeit temporarily. Here’s how:

  1. The Facebook Group settings can be found at the top right of your page.


facebook group settings



2. Uncheck the checkbox next to ‘Send me group chat messages’.



Facebook group chat settings



6 thoughts on “HOW TO: Stop the Facebook Group Chat

    • Thanks Balaji, to visiting my Blog.
      Please Read my Article Carefully. I hope you can Find Out the Way..
      If you have any Confusion than Please Follow the Outline…

      1. First Go the Group home Page.
      2. Click the “Edit Settings” Button…
      3. and uncheck the “Send me group chat messages” Option…

      Hope you can Do it your Self.. 😀
      if any Problem , than Email me.. “”


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