10 jQuery Plugins To Create A User Friendly Tooltip

Tooltip is a good way to show extra information when user hovers the cursor over an element. The “hover box” will appear when the mouse hover in, and disappear when the mouse hover out.

If the tooltip is being used appropriately, it can improve our site’s user friendly level, and also save us a lot of spaces. Today, we are going to see 15 jQuery plugins to create an user friendly tooltip.

1. qTip

qTip is an advance tooltip plugin which provides tonnes of features like rounded corners and speech bubble tips.








2. jQuery Tools/Tooltips

This tooltip plugin can contains any HTML element such as links, table, forms, and images. Implementing this plugin is very easy. The default effects are sliceup and toogle. However, you can easily build your own effects.



3. Simpletip

Simpletip allows you to create tooltips with ease on any element on the page using the power of jQuery’s selectors and event management. The tooltips can be static, dynamic, or even loaded through AJAX with a variety of different visual effects.


4. jQuery (mb)Tooltip

jQuery (mb)Tooltip is a beautiful alternative tooltip which is depended on jQuery timers and dropshadow plugins. It has a lot of options for different needs.


5. EZPZ Tooltip

It is flexible enough to customize the look and feel without requiring the bloat of any CSS or images. Hover targets should be mapped to their content counterparts by convention.



7. HTML Tooltip

Inline HTML Tooltip lets you define rich HTML tooltips that are embedded directly inside your webpage and that appear when the mouse rolls over links on your page. The tooltip appears directly beneath the anchor link, and adjusts its position dynamically based on whether the mouse is too close to the window’s edges.



8. Orbital Tooltip

With the Orbital Tooltip you can choose to position the tooltip on any object in a 360 degrees around it.



9. Tipsy

Tipsy is a jQuery for creating a Facebook-like tooltips effect based on an anchor tag’s title attribute.



10. clueTip

The clueTip plugin allows you to easily show a fancy tooltip when the user’s mouse hovers over (or, optionally, clicks on) any element you designate in your script.


One thought on “10 jQuery Plugins To Create A User Friendly Tooltip

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