Plan to Create a SEO Website

A website likes a library that full of information, that webmaster as the provider and visitors as the readers. So before you start thinking about building a website, you should think about information first, how big it is that you may need to provide to your visitors on your website.

Web Planing

Web Planing

Especially you should think about Domain name, Web hosting and SEO to your new website.

The reasons to build a website:

  1. Promote or share your products, ideas, services, entertainment, art, culture or beliefs.
  2. Advertise information and services for your company or product on the Internet. Or to show the personal data or information.
  3. Provide customer services and support.
  4. Make extra money online with

Before building a website, think about:

– Domain Names (.com, .net, .org, etc…)
– Web Hosting (where to keep your website’s data)
– Web Traffic (number of visitors to your website)

Domain Name: before buying a domain name, ask yourself first “what kind of website do you want to create?” and “how big it is?”. If you just need a website for your family and friends to join and view your profile, no need to waste money, you can use a blog or a free website. But if you need a website to run a business online, promoting your produces or any services in a local or global on the internet, you have to do plan to buy a domain name and web hosting.

Web Hosting: after you decided to build a website, the first thing you have to think of is buying a domain name. After you have a domain name, the next is buying a web hosting to host your website on the server. Buying a web hosting is a really important step for your website to update in the future. So you have to make a good decision to choose a server that suit your website needs.

Web Traffic: is a last and most important step. If you build a website just for your family and friends to visit that is Ok, but if you need to build a website to earn money, you should to think about your website’s target to draw visitors to visit your website. So website as the body and traffic as the blood. Simple no blood, no body.

Content Planning

As you know, “CONTENT” in a website is a KING. That why before you start choosing content for your website, you need to determine who your target visitors are. What technology’s level of your visitors? Finally you have to determine the purpose of your website. If your website has no purpose, your visitors will not have purpose to see around your website and must be not come back again.

A website should start with What, Who, Why and When?

– What is my website’s purpose?
– Who will visit my website?
– Why visitors come to visit my website and would come again?
– When my website grow up?

By the way, before you start writing content for your website, we have to think about keyword, find keyword first and then start writing the content that suit to the keyword. However, when you finished your content, you should to submit your content to at least two article directory websites such as: or In this way, we can call SEO Secret. But not mean that you have to send a whole content, just only a brief of press release about your content and don’t forget to put backlink to your website’s content.

Note: Update your contents frequently, like you make your king get more popular. When your king have popular, it mean your website have huge traffic. When your website have traffic, it’s mean you have stable revenue. If you need more traffic, you can add dynamic content to your website such as forum, chat-room or shout box to build an online communication around your website. And don’t forget do a site map for your website. Read more on topic “Build Web Traffic”.

Save a Domain Name

Now, I believe you understand that having your own website is very important to earn money online. However, if you don’t want to have a website right now, you can register a domain name first to protect a good name for your using when you are ready to create a website in the future. As you know, domain names are being registered every day and therefore the options are being reduced on a daily basis. If you don’t know how to choose a good domain name, please read more on “Domain Names“.

Domain Name

Domain Name

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  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your website for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!


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