Local SEO best practices in 2013


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Local SEO Best Practices in 2013

As algorithms continue to evolve and strive to provide users with the most relevant content possible, search engines have put more of an emphasis on localized search results. Consequently, it’s important for businesses in nearly all industries to adapt and optimize their websites accordingly. According to Google, “97 percent of consumers search for local businesses online.” That’s why focusing on local SEO makes it possible to bring in highly targeted traffic and experience a favorable conversion rate. Here are some ways you can implement local SEO into your marketing campaign.

Google Places

Google local resultsFor starters, it’s sign up for Google Places to receive immediate exposure in your local area. This is quick and easy to do and will help your business connect with customers and potential customers through Google Search and Maps. Filling out your profile is straightforward and you will simply need to include some basic information like your company name, operating hours, contact information, etc. To maximize your impact, perform keyword research beforehand and incorporate quality keywords into your profile. Since visual content can be a natural attention grabber, it’s wise to include a few professional looking images as well.

Create a Business Page on Google +.

A few years ago, Google + had minimal leverage and seemed somewhat like a halfhearted attempt for Google to run their own social network. However, things have changed and Google + has picked up a considerable amount of momentum in the social media stratosphere. While it doesn’t carry the same weight as Facebook and Twitter, establishing a presence for your business on this network can have definite advantages. According to Daily SEO Tip, “when users who have a Google account, such as Gmail or Google + search for services, Google has begun displaying Google + business pages in addition to normal search results.”

This means that you have the potential to reach a considerable number of people by creating a simple business page. Unlike other networks that require a high volume of updates for success, it’s not really necessary on Google +. A simple update here and there should be sufficient and give your business a legitimate edge over local competitors without a page on this network. This in conjunction with a profile on Google Places can have a profound impact on your position in local search rankings.

Online Local Business Directories

While Google is usually your best bet for gaining local exposure, you shouldn’t forget about other business directories. These resources are designed to connect businesses with consumers who are seeking products and/or services in a certain location. Even if you don’t rank on the first page for the keywords you want, appearing on local business directories can give you access to the demographic you’re trying to reach. The best part is that most are free to sign up for and don’t require a major time investment. All you have to do is fill out some basic information like you would on Google Places. Here are some directories worth checking out:

Using Geographical Keywords

Whenever writing blog posts, blogs or creating any type of content with keywords, throwing in some geographical terms should give you a local SEO boost. For instance, a pizza restaurant owner in Charlotte, NC might use keywords like “pizza Charlotte” gold “pizza Mecklenburg County” rather than merely “pizza restaurant” gold “Italian food” to capitalize on local searches.

To maximize the odds of success and reach the largest amount of consumers possible, it’s wise to include some surrounding areas as well. In this case, the restaurant owner might target nearby cities like Concord, Gastonia and Kannapolis, NC. Performing a quick online search of all the towns and cities within a 25 mile radius will give you an idea of which locations you should target.

Being conscious of your geographic location and including the appropriate keywords will help your business connect with consumers in your immediate area. This should reduce the amount of competition for keyword phrases and keep traffic highly targeted. If you run a brick and mortar business where you’re primarily selling to a demographic that’s limited to a certain radius, this is especially important.

KML Sitemap

This is one option that many people aren’t aware of, but can have major benefits for your local SEO campaign. According to Google Developers, “a KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile.” “KML uses a tag-based structure with nested elements and attributes and is based on the XML standard.” Once consumers can consistently find your business on these resources, it can help improve your traffic volume significantly.

Due to the fact that not everyone knows about this technical, you can expect to outrank many of the primary competitors in your local region. An easy way to transfer your business’s info to Google’s server is through a KML Generator. All it takes is filling out some brief information and downloading the appropriate file.

Being Mobile Friendly

The use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed in recent times. Consequently, more and more people are using their mobile devices to perform Internet searches. A study by Localeze and 15miles has found that 61 percent of mobile users ran local searches in 2012. While most marketers knew that a considerable number of people used mobile devices for general Internet searches, they might not have known just how many were specifically looking for local businesses.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that mobile and local searches are correlated. Just imagine how many tourists in a new city would pull out their smartphones to search for a restaurant, hotel and other destinations. Since this number is likely to continue to grow into the future, putting forth the effort to make your business’s website mobile friendly is a must. In order to do so, there are three main options to choose from:

Create an alternate version of your website that’s specifically designed for mobile users.Utilize responsive web design (RWD) to create a single site that’s compatible with nearly all screen sizes. This allows consumers to browse a site through desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.Use a plugin like Uppsite that uses HTML5 to turn most sites into a web app for mobile devices.

Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to optimize from a mobile perspective, you can expect more traffic, a lower bounce rate and more conversions. When compared to competitors who are living in the past with sites only viewable on desktops and laptops, this gives your business a sizable advantage.

Creating Content Fresh

Finally, it’s helpful to continually churn out quality content to prevent your site from becoming static. Search engines naturally give preference to sites that are updated at least fairly frequently as opposed to those that sit and stagnate. For this reason, maintaining a blog and updating at least once a week can be very beneficial. Besides getting search engine love, this should keep your audience coming back to see what you’ve been up to. For maximum impact, it’s best to run your blog off of your primary URL instead of a separate one.

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Here are some tips to help get your blog found marketing


Competition on the Internet for blog exposure is intense, so you’ll need to use all available techniques to get a coveted top position in your niche market. If you take the time to write and maintain a blog, take a few moments to review these simple tips that will make a difference.

1. Know your audience. You must choose a demographic group and stick to it. One of the best ways to do this is by doing a little research and social media can be a big game changer. The use of Twitter, you can find the trends that the interests of the people you want your blog to reach and read what they are poster on Facebook is another valuable tool.

2 Be an innovator.It is good to take the direction of other blogs of the same kind as you like, but you must be careful not to copy everyone else. Don’t forget, you must establish credibility as well, and one of the best ways to do so is by providing links to safeguard the information that you used.

3 Blog comments.There is no better way to get out the word about your blog and writing for someone else and then return by linking. Here, the best techniques are not just about posting to other blogs of similar nature. Need to think big and try to obtain a niche in articles which already have next.

4 To adapt to each social media site.  According to the site you are looking at, using social media correctly to distribute and expose your blog is to use different profiles. The environment is ideal for Facebook while all companies are the best method to use for Linkedin. Each profile can highlight something different in order to obtain all the different facets of your blog and your personality out where potential readers you will find.

Finally, it must be consistent to get noticed, and is about posting more than one quantity of items. The text must be original and posted to at about the same time every day. Remember, the people you’ll want that readers will be more likely to add you in the regular their routine of reading framework when they know where and when you find.

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Sorry, that I’m leaving your Blog!


Setting up a blog requires much effort. Whether it’s design or content you want featured, particular attention shall pay to each of these aspects that make up a blog. But how does it feel when a visitor, as soon as they land on your blog, says something as horrible as this – “sorry, I assume your blog.”. It certainly means that your blog is not designed to make happy customers.

Unless visitors want to stay on your blog and interact (and specific measures), you are in big trouble. If you want to establish a business of blogging and making money from it, you should always take care of your blog visitors, so they return again and again.

Visitors may leave your blog for various reasons. Some of the reasons may be common while others can be quite surprising.

Let’s take a look at these five reasons-

I can not wait
It is as if you have sent an invitation to a visitor. But when they arrive and knock on your door, there is nobody to answer. They are there waiting. Finally, after waiting for a while, they return. Several times, never to return!

The same thing can happen with your blog as well. This is an age where people want the information in a blink of eye. If your blog loads slowly, you can be sure to push visitors away.

So, are you going to make your blog visitors wait?

I do not know where to go
Another great reason that requires visitors to leave a blog is that poorly designed the navigation structure. If the visitor is on your blog, they must be looking for something. Therefore, it is your duty to help them reach the piece of information, they came looking for.

A well-designed navigation is-


Make sure your blog has a good navigation structure.

Interconnection system is irrelevant
Interconnection of posts on a blog is a good SEO practice. It is a good practice because it helps the reader to delve more deeply into a specific topic. But customers do not like it when they find irrelevant interconnection. During playback of a particular subject, they click an internal link further explore. But they become unhappy if these links lead to irrelevant pages or topics.

Person sharing your Blog posts
There are several signs that show that a blog is really alive and if it has interactive visitors. One of them is the social signals. Visitors to the blog of today are smart enough to evaluate the quality of a post, even without reading. Usually, top quality blog posts get a lot of social sharing too.

If your blog posts are little or not sharing, it reflects very poorly on the reputation of your blog. Visitors think that you messages are annoying, so nobody is sharing. And they leave quickly.

You have too much sponsored tickets
Publication sponsored tickets or product reviews is a good idea to earn some money from your blog. But there should be a limit. If 3 out of every 5 posts on your blog are sponsored, your credibility is at stake. Too many tickets sponsored edition sends a clear signal that you care with your own content with added value on the blog.

Visitors to your blog think that money is on your mind. Since you will not care, they do not want to drag either.

Please share your views and opinions.

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What is Google Adwords A popular form of PPC?


Online based advertising currently has as the best way to market products and services. The best method is one that is cheap while advertising attracts as much traffic as possible. PPC, an abbreviated form of the Pay per click is one of the easier ways, thanks to which more traffic may be generated on a Web site. There are many types of PPC methods that you relied on. However, Google Adwords is consider the best PPC method to rely on especially for small business online. Their main advantage is the freedom they give you control your day-to-day expenses that you can set the maximum amount that each ad can take.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.38.24 PM

How does the PPC?
PPC works in a way that you only pay for the traffic that visits your Web site when you click on your Google Adwords and tracking of links to your Web site. If a person clicks on Adwords, but does not manage to visit your site, this click account for payment. When customers are paid to visit a website, such a site attracts more traffic and so the chances of winning more business. The you bid for Google Adwords, most they shall be classified on the ads page.

Aside from bid price, Google Adwords grading is also determined by the quality score according to the directives of the Adwords ranking methodology. More the quality level and the cost of the Adwords, liked the classification. Where you want to pause or completely stop your pay per click, marketing strategy, all the steps are simple and fast.

With such benefits, PPC is thus an essential element of a particular online marketing strategy SEM or search engine marketing. With the help of Google Adwords pay per click strategies will cost little but ultimately increase the number of traffic to your site, which leads to more sales and more profits from your business.

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The Secrets of creating great content


great content

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Everyone knows that at the heart of a great blog is excellent content. No matter how much social media and promotion you do, at the end of the day, it is the insight and the ideas that you have that get your readers to come back.

Coming up with much content is more easily said than done. It is even more difficult to come up with great content quickly. If you are staring at a blank word document, constantly letting distracted by the Internet, micro your phrases and words, and inflate your content with unnecessary chips, headers, images, and links, then you’re probably doing something wrong.

Don’t worry, however. These steps can help you to break your habits and get back you on track with your awesome blog.

Mental chain reactions happens all the time. Make us connections, collect new ideas, a single moment “aha!”. Come with an idea can get you go with several others. It is a process quite messy, chaotic, however. What you have to do is stay organized while you’re brainstorming. Your connections, if you come up with a great idea, will fly out of your head at the speed of light. Get a pen and paper, or open your word document. Note each connection shortly, every little guidance that you do. I really want to say every little detail, no matter how stupid it sounds initially.

Now that you are done with brainstorming, you can see what you wrote. Everything that is currently feasible? All that is exciting if you cannot wait to start? Those who can produce a useful series of posts? Organize and categorize your ideas and get started.

Very well. So, now you have a good idea, but good ideas must be well executed for being really “great.” Plan ahead; It should not take more than five to ten minutes. If you go with the templatic “10 ways to…”. “or”Top 20…”, then it’s pretty easy.” List just on the subheader for each of the numbered steps. It is simple, but definitely worth your time. Under each subheader if you think it’s necessary, add a bullet point or small notes to keep in mind when you actually begin to write.

If your idea is not templatic, it should still be relatively easy to structure your ideas. An introduction, body and conclusion should be there. Organize the contents of your body into categories that work well under subheadings.

Organizing advice, of course, only here is how I’m going to this subject. If you like to write out and organizer subsequently, you are more free to do so. Just be sure that your method gives results.

Now it’s time to write it. You got the idea, you have the plan. But look! Your crush just messaged you! Your best friend is tagged in a photo! Your friend is pas-si-close is boast incredible vacation!

Close tabs! You do not want social media distract you while you write. Certainly, maybe distractions give you new ideas to add to your content, but it is rare and more than likely, it is toxic and unrelated to your actual plan. You have to find the place and the time when you are less likely to be distracted by what your friends do or say. In this way, you are sure you’re producing writing that you want.

While you write is too toxic. Maybe you’re not distracted by social media, but you are distracted by your own perfectionist self. Awkward formulations, offensive flow, typos, etc. definitely are n – n, in writing, but that does not mean that you must stop and fix as soon as you notice.

Review, this is probably your best friend, perfectionists. Everyone knows this is revision which is at the heart of the great writing. A first terrible project can turn into gold if you revise just. Give yourself a moment, an hour or two, to clear your head and then go back on what you’ve written with a new perspective. You will probably notice questions you’d never with your micromanagement tunnel vision.

Constantly re-read your writing, through various lenses every time. It may be the first time just to check the flow and structure. The second is just to correct grammar and spelling. The third single to verify the authenticity of the content. Do not attempt to fix it at once.

Your writing is now satisfactory, but everyone knows that words alone will not get people interested. Good thing it’s a quick and easy solution. Add headers of subheadings, bold text, etc. to make the text itself more attractive. Then add your links, images, thumbnails. It will add some nice rocket to your awesome content. But don’t overdo it and divert attention away from the words themselves.

The first step is the most difficult and most crucial. Find the time when you come up with the most ideas is a must. Once this is done, you just need to correct certain bad habits, distractions, micromanagement, overformatting. You’re on your way to post some great stuff.

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